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Hannah V.

Extremely happy with the service, care, and cleanliness of this veterinary center. They do a wonderful job trying to accommodate the times that fit you best and offer almost every vet service out there. I wouldn't trust anyone else this much with my dog!


Sharon C.

These people have been soooooo helpful. My Yorkie, Cricket, was so sick, but now is back to normal.I also have a puppy, Teddy, and they have really been helpful. Thanks Parkway Veterinary Center!


Lyn C.

The physicians and staff at Parkway Veterinary Center have played a big role in the health of my dog. They are smart and considerate. Their customer service is exceptional! Their follow-up is amazing. I am also a big fan of their groomer, Chelle. I highly recommend this group!



The people that work there, from the front desk, to the technicians in the back, one can tell instantly that this staff isn't just there for a paycheck, but that they are also animal advocates. From the office manager to the front desk staff, particularly Linda, one can easily see that they too genuinely care about your pets. Dr. Smith is amazing. Period! My dog is everything to my wife and I. We are very particular about everyone who cares for and interacts with her. Dr. Smith has an incredibly calming effect on our dog. Which is rare. He doesn't look for ways to generate revenue, he tries to figure out solutions to resolve issues, find solutions to problems, and make the animal feel secure. In fact, my dog is never nervous or afraid to visit the doctor. Not only do I recommend, in the strongest possible way, you take your pets there, but I encourage anyone who loves their pet to do so.


Bonnie L.

I love Dr. Smith and all the people who work with him. The first dog I have ever owned is a service dog from Southeastern Guide Dogs. He is 9 years old now. Parkway Veterinary Center will see my dog whenever I need help, sometimes the same day. They explain clearly what is going on. They are the best.