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At What Age Should I Neuter My Dog? Important Question!

At What Age Should I Neuter My Dog? Important Question!

A veterinarian answers the question, “Should I neuter my dog?”

Every dog owner shares the concern about determining the correct age for neutering a pet dog. While some countries have certain restrictions, economic and cultural prohibitions, it is highly important that you look at the positive side of it and realize its importance. Unless you intend to breed dogs, you must have a basic understanding about neutering and spaying.

Neutering provides many health benefits. It decreases the chances of your pet getting affected by serious diseases in later life. It acts as a preventive measure which can avoid harmful conditions in the coming years. Lower hormone levels can rule out certain behavior behavioral trails like humping, aggression, and marking.

So, what age should I neuter my dog?

Males can be neutered any time after the first eight weeks since birth. Generally, dogs are neutered after they are six months old. This trend is widely followed in America and in Australia. The right time to neuter is when the testicles have descended but they have not matured fully.

When your dog starts showing dominance and marks areas, humps or mounts toys or your knees, it is the signal for neutering. Some dogs grow faster than others and may need neutering at a younger age. However, you must consult your veterinarian before scheduling the surgery.

What happens after the surgery?

Your dog can come home on the same day of the surgical procedure. He might have a poor appetite in the first few days. Do not force your dog to eat. With time, he will gain back his appetite.

The scrotum can be swollen after the surgery. However, licking the stitches can prolong the healing of the swollen scrotum. If you find your dog licking the stitches too much, put an Elizabethan collar around his neck. This will prevent him from licking his stitches.

Keep your dog in control and do not let him play too hard or run after the surgery. It might open up the stitches or cause damage. Do not panic if you notice mild bruising around the scrotum.

In case your dog is going through excessive pain, then consult the veterinarian immediately. Even if it is a tad uncomfortable for your dog to carry around the collar, it will prevent him from licking the stitches. Consult your veterinarian for any queries and follow the prescription closely. Above all, give your dog lots of love and care.